Öko key-chain emblems

Öko Electric Vehicles

Öko is an eco friendly electric car company developed for an environmentally conscious and younger demographic in larger urban centres.


Öko, the German word for eco, works to represent the fun and friendly nature of the brand, while the overall shape aims to evoke a sense of motion and form an abstract smiling face. Combined, this makes for an easily recognizable icon.

Black Öko logo.
Variations of the Öko logo.
Brand Colours

Fun and vibrant colours were chosen to help separate the brand from other car manufactures that often take an analogous color approach. The colours also serve to as great identifiers for traditional and digital marketing.

Öko's brand colours.
Öko's brand colours being used on t-shirts.
List of typefaces allowed for use within the Öko brand. The typefaces are, Proxima Nova and ITC Lubalin Graph Std.

The primary typeface for oko is Proxima Nova. It has clean humanistic lines paired with geometric precision that help it feel fresh and modern, while still remaining legible at a variety of weights and sizes. This makes it a versatile face across print and digital applications. ITC Lubalin Graph is the secondary typeface which is intended to be used in tandem with longer pieces of copy.

Stationary example of Öko typeface in use.

Animations are intended to be used across the brands offerings. From loading animations to content for social media platforms.

Loading animation using the Öko logo.
Promotional animation for Öko.
Website Development

The website puts users first, brining all of the content they care about to the forefront. It allows them to quickly find, browse and customize vehicles in addition to purchase accessories and book service appointments.

Various images of the Öko website.
Instore Display & Application

Much like the website, here users can discover Öko's complete vehicle lineup, learn what each vehicle offers and customize it for purchase.

An example of the in-store interactive display that allows customers to learn more about and customuze Öko vehicles.
Print Collateral